Apply for Graduation and Convocation

Apply for Graduation

In order to graduate, students must submit a formal application for graduation regardless of whether or not you intend to participate in the scheduled ceremonies.

Process to submit your application:

1)      Log on to your online student record and select “Apply to Graduate” from the menu 

2)      Complete and submit the form

3)     Pay the $53 Graduation and Alumni Fee. You can pay this fee using your credit card in your online student record, through online banking, or in person at the Cashier's Office in Building 200

4)      Once the Graduation & Alumni fee has been paid, your application will be sent directly to your Degree Advisor to be reviewed

5)      Once your application has been approved, it will be forwarded to the Registration Centre for final processing and submission to Senate, where your credential will be officially conferred

If you are using courses taken at another institution toward your program requirements, official transcripts from that other institution must be received by the Registration Centre before your application can be fully processed. For more details, visit:

Apply for Convocation

If you would like to attend a convocation ceremony, you must sign up when you apply to graduate: For more details, visit:

Convocation and ceremony

  • Convocation is a ceremonial day to celebrate your achievements with friends, classmates, faculty and family. During the ceremony, students will have the opportunity to walk the stage as well as attend a reception afterwards to celebrate your accomplishments
  • For MBA students:
    • to receive their VIU Degree (Parchment) on the day of convocation, all assignments (including your ABP and Internship Project) must be submitted to be reviewed by Senate prior to convocation. Please note that ABP’s can be submitted earlier than their due date
    • if you are expected to complete your ABP and Internship but your grades will not be submitted by the deadline for the Senate meeting; you can attend the Convocation as a “participant”. This means that you will be receiving a parchment stating that you participated in the convocation ceremony
    • Students that have applied to graduate but have not confirmed with their internship coordinator, ABP supervisor, and/or instructor will not be approved to participate in the Convocation Ceremony
  • If you are not planning to attend the convocation ceremony or if you are attending the ceremony as a participant, your parchment will be printed and either mailed to you or held for pick-up, depending on the option that you provided to the convocation office

Degree Completion and Letter of Completion

  • Students are notified by an email from the Graduate Programs Office when all the grades are posted on their student record and have successfully meet the program completion requirement. Once you receive this email, you are required to go to the International building to request a letter of completion and order official transcripts via your student record or in person in Building 200. This is required for International students in order to apply for their post graduate work permit
  • Once your degree is approved, the statement “Credential Granted” will appear in your student record


UH degree approval and receipt of UH parchment for MBA students

  • Degrees are approved twice a year at Board Meetings held with the University of Hertfordshire: once in mid-April and once in mid-July. If your grades are posted and you are approved by the Graduate Programs Advisor to graduate two weeks prior to this meeting, you will be included in this list and your UH degree will be approved during the board meeting
  • Once UH degrees are approved, it takes approximately 2-3 months for the degrees to arrive at VIU. They are then recorded and either mailed to you or held for pick-up, depending on the option that you provided to the convocation office