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Interested in learning about sustainability while traveling on Vancouver Island?

This year, the WLCE at VIU is pleased to announce that we are expanding our education mandate by offering a new "Sustainability Learning Series" in the Vancouver Island region. Today’s sustainability challenges require individuals, organizations and communities to “think outside the box” and have the courage to innovate. The Sustainability Learning Series will inspire participants to advance their sustainability initiatives by exposing them to a region where innovation thrives.

Participants will travel throughout the Vancouver Island and Coast region and meet with innovators from a wide range of organizations including non-profits, businesses and local government. This learning will be supplemented by thought provoking reading and engaging discussion with other participants.

Take one or more of the series for professional development, for University credit, or for life-long learning. The topics will be lead by a pod of faculty with expertise in the topics as well as active engagement from individuals in organizations in the region who will share their knowledge, experiences and stories about how they have innovated in these areas.

The topics being offered this year include:

Active transportation and trail networks

The Vancouver and Coast Region has numerous world re-known trail systems that are planned and managed by a broad range of stakeholders. These trails and corridors are highly valued amenities for both residents and visitors and they are a critical component of community sustainability. This series will provide learners with exposure to a range of trail initiatives led by non-profit groups, local government and recreation interest groups. Participants will learn about the complexities of planning, managing and marketing trail systems and take away valuable lessons learned from the stakeholders they meet.

DATES: May 4-8, 2015

Active Aging

As society moves through the greatest demographic shift of our time, many are seeking strategies to ensure that people can age in communities that support a high quality of life. The central Vancouver Island region attracts aging migrants from around the world who want to retire in a place rich in amenities that provide abundant leisure opportunities. Participants will spend time in the Parksville and Qualicum Beach area to learn about the strategies and initiatives underway to support and engage aging residents.

DATES: June 15-19, 2015

Island Resilience

Island regions face unique sustainability challenges due to their remoteness and finite supply of resources. The Gulf Island region of British Columbia is rich in examples of island resilience. This course will take learners through the southern region of the Gulf Islands to learn from a range of organizations that are collaborating to ensure that the valued natural and cultural amenities withstand use over time.

DATE: May 18-22, 2015

Aboriginal Tourism

The First Nations communities in the Vancouver and Coast region have been tremendously successful at developing world re-known experiences for visitors. This course will allow learners to travel to sites such as U’Mista in Alert Bay, The Quw’utsun Cultural Centre in Duncan, and heritage sites near Tofino and Gold River. There, the owners and managers will share their journey to utilize tourism as a tool for economic, social and environmental sustainability of their communities.

DATE: June 1-5, 2015

If these topics are of interest to you or those you know, please share the word and download the brochure to learn more. We will be updating with more information on pricing and registration very soon but in the meantime, feel free to contact us for more information.