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Jake Skinner's Field Experience 2nd Blog Post

Hello blogger community,

Since my last/first blog post lots has happened on my field experience frontier. Where to start? Well how about I start with the official project end? About a month ago my Pender Islands community inventory project was cancelled by the Southern Gulf Islands Economic Development Commission (SGI EDC), which I was employed by. The Termination was largely due to the lack of progress and the deviation from the original ideas proposed by the SGI EDC.

Without going into a big rig-a-ma-roll about why that was allowed to transpire, I will be salvaging my field experience (for my mental well being and the benefit of the SGI EDC), by writing a reflective document on how inters could be optimized by the SGI EDC in future projects. The report will be supported by best practices from other successful intern programs.

The end goal will be to develop a document that is constructive and helpful. The challenge will be to keep its scope manageable, so that it does not become another thesis literature view (OMG those things are awful ;))

Wish me luck and I will be sure to share it back to all of you here, as a pdf attachment, in the near future.

Stay classy San Diego