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Meet a Professional Around the World

The online forums are back and the next one is on March 31. This is an initiative from World Leisure Organization Youth Ambassadors Committee

The World Leisure Organization offers online forums on leisure-related matters (theories and practices) for interested young people, with invited leading scholars and professionals from around the world.

The online forums are free and are scheduled for about one hour. (45 min. of presentation + 15 min. of Q&A).

*Regular participants (at least 6 times) will get a certificate of attendance by WLO.

Upcoming “Meet a Professional Around the World” series as follows:

Date: 31st March – Time: 3 PM (CET) - 6 AM (PDT)
Presenter: Jatin Sadhu – Director: GURU – The Arts Hub and International Dance, India
Moderator: Miklos Banhidi (Hungary)

Date: 7th April – Time 1 PM (CET) - 4 AM (PDT)
Presenter: Jane Zhou – Deputy dean Zhejiang University, China
Moderator: Lucen Liu, China

Date: 14th April – Time 3 PM (CET) - 6 AM (PDT)
Presenter: Roger Coles – Past Chair WLO, USA
Moderator: Jose Sessimba, Uganda

Date: 21st April – Time 5 PM (CET) - 8 AM (PDT)
Presenter: Joanne Schroeder – Chair WLO, Canada
Moderator: Jesse Miller, Canada

Topic: Leisure, health and human rights
Date: 28th April – Time 10 AM (CET) - 1 AM (PDT)
Presenter: Arianne Reis – Board Member, Australia
Moderator: Shamsulariffin Samsudin, Malaysia

Topic: Youth work for peace
Date: 5th May - Time 3 PM (CET) - 6 AM (PDT)
Presenter: Kristin Eskeland – Norwegian Peoples Aid, Norway
Moderator: Mignon Schilz, South Africa

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