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"So what's next? The role of creative tourism in the regeneration of communities"

Check out the first “global conversation” webinar within the umbrella of CREATOUR International.

CREATOUR International is an informal network to further knowledge exchange and capacity-building among creative tourism researchers and small-scale practitioners internationally. It aims to build closer research–practice relations through providing a platform for sharing experiences, practice-based knowledge, and insights from research; discussing issues and solutions; and learning from one another to inform the growing field of creative tourism internationally.

In this moment of transition, the webinar “So, what’s next? The role of creative tourism in the regeneration of communities” contributes to current discussions on the future of small-scale and community-based creative tourism, and on community recovery and resilience. How can we work collectively to move forward together?

This Seminar is organized within the CREATOUR project, funded under the Joint Activities Programme of PORTUGAL 2020, by COMPETE2020, POR Lisboa, POR Algarve, and Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia.

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Nancy Duxbury, Centre for Social Studies (CES), University of Coimbra, Portugal

Nancy Duxbury is a Senior Researcher and Co-coordinator of the Cities, Cultures and Architecture Research Group at the Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra. She is Principal Investigator of CREATOUR: Developing Creative Tourism Destinations in. Small Cities and Rural Areas, and a member of the European Expert Network on Culture. Her research has examined culture in local sustainable development; culture-based development models in smaller communities; cultural indicators; and cultural mapping, which bridges academic inquiry, community practice, and artistic approaches to understand and articulate place. Selected books: Cultural Mapping as Cultural Inquiry (Routledge 2015), Culture and Sustainability in European Cities: Imagining Europolis (Routledge, 2015), Artistic Approaches to Cultural Mapping: Activating Imaginaries and Means of Knowing (Routledge, 2018), and A Research Agenda for Creative Tourism (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2019).

Greg Richards, Tilburg University and Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

Greg Richards has conducted research on a wide range of topics including cultural tourism, crafts tourism, sustainable tourism, tourism education and labour mobility in the tourism industry. He has also worked extensively on the analysis and development of cultural and creative tourism in cities such as Barcelona (ES), London, Newcastle, Manchester and Edinburgh (UK) Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Bosch (NL), Sibiu (RO), Amman (Jordan) and Macau (China). He has published books on Eventful CitiesThe Social Impact of Events, the Handbook of Cultural TourismReinventing the Local in Tourism, and The SAGE Handbook of New Urban Studies (edited with John Hannigan), among others. He is Professor of Placemaking and Events at Breda University of Applied Sciences and Professor of Leisure Studies at the University of Tilburg in The Netherlands and a member of the Advisory Council of CREATOUR.

Diana Zulaga, 5Bogota: Travel with Locals, Colombia

Diana Zuluaga is a creative tourism entrepreneur with a specialization in Creative Entrepreneurship Management and a background in the tourism sector. She is co-founder of 5Bogota, an alternative for creative tourism in Bogotá, which won several social entrepreneurship competitions.
She has experience in the area of public relations and development of entrepreneurship networks through the creation and development of innovative products in the tourism industry. She is passionate about the creative economy and solutions based on the collaborative economy and have a special interest in the application of services that aim at the creation and/or consolidation of Creative Cities.

Moderator: Kathleen Scherf, Thompson Rivers University, Canada

Kathleen Scherf is Professor of Communication at Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia, Canada. She holds an MA and a PhD from the University of British Columbia, and a BA from the University of Toronto. She has spent ten years progressing through the academic ranks at each of the University of New Brunswick, the University of Calgary, and Thompson Rivers University. Her current research interests are creative tourism, with special attention to resident-visitor relations, as well as cultural mapping, using digital deep maps as place-making tools in an attempt to convey intangible aspects of culture not usually found on a 2D map. She frequently employs deep mapping as a pedagogical tool. She is editor of the forthcoming book Creative Tourism and Sustainable Development in Smaller Communities (University of Calgary Press).