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TTRA International Conference - Regenerative Tourism: Building Resilience

The Conference will be held in Victoria, British Columbia - Canada, June 14-16, 2022. Call for Presentations is open!

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52nd Annual Travel and Tourism Research Association International Conference
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada • June 14-16, 2022
Proposal Deadline: 18 March 2022
The Industry Co-Chairs of the 52nd TTRA Annual Conference invite presentations, professional development workshops, case studies, and debates in the travel and tourism research domain.
The conference theme, Regenerative Tourism: Building Resilience, will focus on how we are steering the future of the travel and tourism industry while discussing the critical issues for the industry data, insights, and intelligence. We are particularly interested in creative ways to show our audiences the best way forward to better the livelihoods and wellbeing of destinations worldwide. Here are some themes we recommend:  
  • The regenerative economy
  • Future transitions for climate change
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion 
  • Indigenous people
  • Measuring ‘success’ in tourism
  • Taking a holistic perspective to provide KPIs which meet all stakeholder/community funders, beyond simple numerical counts
  • New methodologies, ways of measurement and triangulation
  • Digital media analytics to capture audiences and meaningful efforts with a niche focus
  • Big data analytics, ML, and AI
  • Creative use of data
  • Resilience strategies
  • Sector-level industry insights and a path forward: international tourism, cruise, group business, and urban tourism
  • CRM, forecasting, and new KPIs
  • Tourism, happiness, health, and wellness
  • Slow tourism
  • Quality of life measurement
  • Workforce development and retention
  • Product development efforts to benefit the well-being and quality of life at destinations
  • Cooperative efforts in working with local businesses, organizations, and localities
  • Overcoming international policy challenges
  • Product demos
  • How-tos:
    • Data storytelling
    • Data visualization tips and tools
    • Understanding new methods and analysis
    • Managing change and transformation
    • Career development
Please include a brief statement on how the presentation(s) or workshop topic relates to the conference themes, adds value, and enhances the conference experience. Make sure to have a biography of the presenters and indicate which presentation format you recommend: panel, workshop, etc. 
Please send your proposals and questions by 18 March 2022 to:
Key Dates:
18 March 2022    Practitioner session proposals submission deadline
1 April 2022        Practitioner sessions finalized
For more information on the TTRA Conference, including registration fees, sponsorship opportunities, and post-conference tours, check our website // or email us at

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