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World Leisure Communities of Excellence

Open call for World Leisure Community of Excellence!

World Leisure Organization is now opening and putting in place one of the newest and most desired  programs.

The title World Leisure Community of Excellence is bestowed by the World Leisure Organization (WLO) upon communities that have successfully used Leisure in all its widest forms to reinvent themselves and to improve the economic, social and cultural lives of their citizens, and that have made substantive contributions consistent with advancing the mission of WLO.



Applications recipients

Recipients can be communities of any size that have undertaken broad-based citizen involvement to promote leisure as integral to the social, cultural, economic, and sustainable environmental development of the community.

Designation as a World Leisure Community of Excellence can be bestowed upon a neighborhood, village, town, city, state or region whose citizens have worked together as a community.

Key dates

September, 2016: Call for Applications
November 15, 2016: Submit Letter of Intent to Apply
January 31st, 2017: Submit Application
March 2017: Applications Review
April 2017: Finalists Announced
Fall 2017: Presentation  

Find more relevant information, procedures and benefits in the WLO website. More info

For further questions about the Communities of Excellence, please email