Careers in Recreation and Tourism

The management of recreation and tourism services is a challenging career in this increasingly leisure oriented society. Dynamic, creative, and innovative people are needed to plan, organize, and supervise recreation and tourism experiences in a variety of diverse settings. The types of positions that degree graduates will occupy will include, but is not limited to the following:                    

Independent entrepreneurs

These positions will consist of small business opportunities in the tourism and recreation industries.

Supervisory positions

Typically found in the medium and large scale operations where diploma graduates may already be employed but need ongoing upgrading to a higher-level credential for career advancement.

Management positions

Usually found in large companies where diploma graduates require continual upgrading of their leadership knowledge base to make strategic business decisions.

Front-line positions

Where most people begin their career, these positions require an understanding of the industry, and the ability to anticipate, respond to and satisfy customer needs.

Specific positions

May include Commercial recreation and tourism enterprises such as private tourism companies, leisure related retail outlets, tourism attractions, health spas, fitness complexes, food and beverage, and accommodation services.

  • Adventure tourism, outdoor recreation and park management, providing nature based leisure experiences like camping, wilderness experiences, risk recreation, and environmental education or managing the resources required for nature based leisure.

  • Tourism services, including destination resorts and hotels, theme parks, tourist bureaus, transportation and travel trade companies, tourist attractions, convention and meeting business, and special events and festivals.

  • Tour operations, including the packaging, marketing and operation of tours, tour guiding and interpretation services.

  • Public recreation and tourism, including parks and recreation departments in municipalities, and regional districts, government tourism agencies, community schools, recreation associations and public recreation and sport facilities.

  • Not-for-profit agencies, including YM-YWCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, Sport BC, provincial sport organizations, and others represented within our communities.

  • Special recreation, sport and tourism services, involving the provision of various services to individuals or groups with special needs

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