Recreation and Sport Management Diploma


Studying Recreation and Sport Management at Vancouver Island University allows you to begin your undergraduate work in smaller classes and the more personal atmosphere of a regional University.

Our two-year diploma program focuses on entry-level skill development in the fields of recreation and sport as well as beginning competencies in a variety of areas including: outdoor recreation, leisure and culture, community development, commercial recreation and recreation for persons with disabilities.

The program addresses six key areas:

  • Theory courses in Recreation Administration, English, and social sciences
  • Electives
  • Skill courses
  • Two (2) Co-operative Education placements
  • Non-credit involvement to develop leadership abilities, confidence, and group dynamic skills
  • Writing and public speaking skills.

The faculty values student-centered education and strives to provide every student with a quality experience through small group work, individual and group instruction, the use of current technology and attention to individual learning goals. Students also benefit from application of classroom learning in Co-operative Education placements.

Students who complete the diploma program may choose to build on their entry level skills by completing VIU's Bachelor of Tourism Management degree. Students apply to the third year of the degree program to complete a Bachelor of Tourism Management, Major in Recreation. This Degree program focuses on the development of management and entrepreneurial skills needed for people wishing to assume greater responsibilities within an organization, or for those wishing to start new enterprises.

For further information contact the program's Degree Advisor, Janet McKeown at