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Thinking about leisure during a global pandemic by de la Barre, Stone, McKeown & Schroeder (2020)

Check out the latest Observation Paper authored by VIU WLCE Faculty and published in the World Leisure Journal

The COVID-19 pandemic arrested the world in a dramatic manner as of March 2020. As countries placed themselves under lockdown to avoid the worst case scenarios expected from the novel virus, we witnessed economies shut down, and residents of the smallest communities to the largest cities ‘shelter in place’ as they could. Very quickly, a smorgasbord of disparities and privileges were highlighted and discussions, at local and global levels, began in earnest. This moment is significant in terms of providing us with insights borne of this unique opportunity to better understand diverse aspects of life on this planet, not least our knowledge of climate change and demographic vulnerabilities, but also about the state of leisure. The following Observation Paper authored by VIU/WLCE faculty Suzanne de la Barre, Garret Stone, Janet McKeown and Joanne Schroeder, presents a few leisure-related insights gained during the spring and summer of 2020 in Canada.

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