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Thesis Presentation: Brighton Mbilinyi

Thesis title: Assessing the role and responsibilities of tour guides in Tanzania | August 23rd, 7:00- 10:00 am (PDT)

The Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management, in conjunction with our World Leisure Centre of Excellence is pleased to introduce Brighton Mbilinyi, Graduate Student in progress, who will be presenting his thesis research.

Thesis title: Assessing the role and responsibilities of tour guides in Tanzania

Safari tour guides have been identified to play an important role in fostering sustainable tourism. This study explored the roles and responsibilities of safari guides in Northern tourism circuit which act as backbone of tourism in Tanzania.
This research resulted in the development of a new model of safari guiding that highlights the responsibilities of guides, identifies the external factors that influence guides’ behaviours, and the potential outcomes for sustainable tourism. This model extends the
work of Cohen (1985) as well as that of Weiler and Black (2019) and Randall and Rollins (2009).

Date/time: Monday, August 23, 2021 | 7:00 - 10:00 am PDT

Location: VIU (B250/R105)

Zoom: (Password: 390658)

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