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Management Graduate Programs


ACBSP Accredited LogoAt VIU, our graduate programs within the Faculty of Management provide a unique opportunity for students to study in a comfortable west-coast setting that taps into the fast paced environment of business and industry in our surrounding region.

Strong student-professor relationships, combined with small class sizes create a unique experience that allows each student to individually tailor their education in the direction they wish their career to go.  A diverse campus offers the opportunity for students to work closely with people from around the world while building understanding and international business competencies that foster a local feel combined with a global mindset.


Explore our Graduate Programs

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Get prepared for top-level management careers in a wide variety of fields with the Master of Business Administration program.

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Create sustainable recreation and tourism opportunities with the Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management program.

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Add foundational business and management skills to your educational tool-kit with the Graduate Certificate in Business.

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Give life to big ideas and solve complex challenges effectively with the Graduate Diploma in Project Management program.

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Enter the exciting, fast-paced world of international trade and make a real impact with VIU’s Graduate Diploma in International Trade program.

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Confidently lead organizations across the globe as a sought-after professional with the Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management program.