Internships and career services

The Internship and Applied Business Project

Students complete an Internship integrated with an Applied Business Project in the final 4 months of the program. These experiential learning activities provide critical learning opportunities and enable students to apply the knowledge and skills gained throughout their course of study to an active business environment. MBA Program Internship Coordinators provide individual support in obtaining internship opportunities and training on career placement and working in Canada. As a result, students are well prepared to obtain internships and career placements in their chosen fields. If you would like more information on internships or to post an internship opening, visit our MBA Internship or Career Services site.

The Applied Business Project is a written report. Projects normally are based on the company where students are doing their internship and will address specific projects, business problems or issues within the organization. Some projects may consist of external consultancy-based initiatives where students provide business consulting services or project management services to a variety of organizations.