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ACBSP Accredited

Welcome to Graduate Programs, Faculty of Management!

At VIU, our Graduate Programs within the Faculty of Management are ACBSP accredited. We provide a unique opportunity for students to study in a comfortable west-coast setting that taps into the fast paced environment of business and industry in our surrounding region.

Close student-professor relationships, combined with small class sizes create a unique experience that allows each student to individually tailor their education in the direction they wish their career to go. The opportunity for students to work closely with people from around the world builds understanding and international business competencies that foster a local feel combined with a global mindset.

Current Programs

Master of Business Administration - This intensive two-year program equips students with the skills to operate in the increasingly integrated and global field of management. The program is offered through a series of modules and a technologically integrated curriculum. 

Graduate Certificate in Business - This one-year program builds the required skills for academic success at the graduate level before providing participants with a solid foundation of graduate level business management skills and competencies. 

Graduate Diploma in Project Management - This one-year program is ideal for building the highly sought after skills of project management. Students gain competence with core theories of project management before applying this knowledge  in an integrative applied project. 

Graduate Diploma in International Trade - This one-year program equips students with key principles and practice of international business and trade. Students have access to all of the ebooks for the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) and some of their assessments.

Programs Under Development

Graduate Diploma in International Finance

Graduate Programs Office

Associate Dean, Graduate Programs

Stacie Chappell
250.740.6178 | Ext. 6178
Office: Building 250 | Room 304

Graduate Programs Advisor

Golfer Okorie
250.740.6164 | Ext. 6164
Office: Building 250 | Room 314

The Advisor is the first point of contact for most program-related concerns such as course concerns, program advising, educational goals,and program pathways. Students are encouraged to check-in to the office (250/314) during drop-in hours. Check your emails for weekly updates on drop-in hours. Students can also book an appointment to meet the Advisor by sending an email to

Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs Office

Carolyne Rickett
250.740.6177 | Ext. 6177
Office: Building 250 | Room 302

Graduate Programs Office Hours

Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Phone: 250.740.6177
Office: Building 250 | Room 302

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