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Erin Heeney (VIU MA-SLM Grad-Student) Presents at the World Leisure Congress Rimini

Erin presenting in Rimini

Erin Heeney a graduate student in the Master of Sustainable Leisure Management at Vancouver Island University (, presented on her research at the World Leisure Congress in Rimini Italy. 

Erin focused on a concept called: The Mutual Gaze. This concept refers to a complex visual construction of the host’s impression of the guest and the guest’s impression of the host. 

Erin explains her research enthusiastically
Erin conducted her research around the host community of Tyrell Bay in Grenada and visiting guests on yachts or multi-national ocean cruisers.

Erin and her supervisor Dr. Nicole Vaugeois

At the World Leisure Congress Erin was delighted to share her findings with World Leisure Members, Likeminded Scholars and her classmates. Erin discovered in her research that residents of Tyrell Bay rely heavily on the relationships formed through interaction with “yachties” (visitors on yachts) and she feels it is crucial to understand the host visitor relationship in order to move forward with sustainable development for Tyrell Bay. Therefore the mutual gaze can represent a give take relationship that represents a benefit for both the host and the guest.

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