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Recess Theory: Exploring Recreation, Leisure & Tourism

Mission statement: Recess theory is a Nanaimo based radio show with a global audience of people interested in all aspects of leisure. The aim of the show is to mobilize the knowledge created in this vast field by interviewing influential leisure professionals and sharing ideas.

Vision statement: At the end of this project we would like to create a respected radio show with a wide audience, which can be continued in the future at VIU and CHLY.

The purpose of the radio program is to reach an audience that could be missed by traditional methods of research delivery. Radio, a free medium, is a way to engage a large population in a specific geographic area. The goal of this radio show is to first engage the local community and have segments that are available for radio syndication. By developing, gathering and researching the students are able to use radio as a vehicle for knowledge mobilization while applying professional practices to develop a media product in the tourism, leisure and recreation field.
Mike Bauche: A musician at heart, Mike’s true passion is for the arts. A Fourth Year Student at Vancouver Island University this is Mike’s first time hosting a radio program. He has been studying recreation and tourism for 4 years and is currently in the Bachelor of Recreation and Tourism Management at Vancouver Island University. He has been working in the tourism industry for 8 years and has a valuable background in many fields of the tourism industry.
James Anderson: James has been living in Nanaimo since 2010. Currently he is studying a bachelor of tourism management degree at Vancouver Island University. Alongside his enthusiasm for business, is a passion for the environment. For the last 8 years James has been involved in many aspects of the tourism industry in British Columbia. The time James has spent working in the field has given him a valuable set of skills including, customer service, management, and administration. Recess Theory is the perfect fit for James’ skills and he is looking forward to developing his media presence in the future.


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