Graduate Testimonials

Photo of Tatiana Shumilina"I really enjoyed the MBA program at Vancouver Island University. Studying with other students from all over the world, and with a wide variety of professional backgrounds was an experience of a lifetime. The small class sizes, ongoing group projects, and in-class interaction with classmates and professors was very valuable. I gained many skills that I find very helpful in the workplace."

~Tatiana Shumilina
(Registrar, Dorset College)





Photo of Renato Coelho"Taking the MBA program at VIU was the smartest decision I have ever made. The challenges that I faced during the program helped me to find my professional strengths and to grow as a person, which was key for me to succeed in this competitive and performance-orientated workplace. Plus, in my opinion the finance option and the internship classes are phenomenal differentials that the MBA program has to offer. The 18 months that I spent in Nanaimo was the busiest, but also the best time of my life."

~ Renato Coelho
(Wealth Management Advisor, Rothenberg Capital Management)




Photo of Ibrahim Amerih"I believe that the MBA program at VIU is designed to give the students numerous opportunities to help secure their dream careers. VIU community involvement is a great example, especially when VIU invites the British Columbia’s business leaders to the MBA classes to guide and advise the students. Talking with these leaders helped me to shape my career search, enhanced my communication and presentation skills, and encouraged me to make new connections. The internship courses are another great component of the MBA program. The Internship module is a countless tool to facilitate the students to improve their resume and cover letter and prepares the students to give a professional job interview."

~ Ibrahim Amerih
(Production Manager, Inuktun Services Ltd)