Internship and ABP

ABP and Internship Process


 Fall 2018 IntakeSpring 2019 Intake
Final SemesterC1C2C1C2
Final Semester End Date21-Jun-199-Aug-1918-Oct-196-Dec-19
Deadline to Submit Pre-qualification Form28-Jun-19 [1]*16-Aug-19 [1]*25-Oct-19 [1]*13-Dec-19 [1]*
Internship Start DateJuly 5-Aug 2, 2019Aug 23-Sept 20, 2019Nov 1- Nov 29, 2019Dec 20 - Jan 17, 2020
Internship End DateOct 25-Nov 22, 2019Dec 13 - Jan 10, 2020Feb 21-Mar 20, 2020Apr 9 - May 8, 2020
ABP Start DateJuly 26- Aug 23, 2019Sep 13-Oct 11, 2019Nov 22 - Dec 20, 2019Jan 10- Feb 7, 2020
ABP End DateNov 15 - Dec 13, 2019Jan 3- Jan 31, 2020Mar 13 - Apr 10, 2020May 1 - May 29, 2020
Date an extension fee will be applied: 1 month after Course End Date (In your Student Record)1 month after Course End Date (In your Student Record)
[1]* Forms must be submitted on or before the deadline

Pre-qualification Form process

Completing the Pre-Qualification Form is the first step in advancing your internship and/or ABP.

Your work term record can be completed once your pre-qualification form has been approved.

Spring 2019 Students: Pre-Qualification Form

You must secure an ABP Supervisor prior to completing the form. Faculty are limited in the number of students that they can supervise so please contact them early. A list of regular faculty is available here.

Once your Pre-Qualification Form has been approved, you will be asked to confirm the actual dates of your internship: your work-term record. This is because your actual start and end dates may have shifted from the dates you have supplied in the Pre-Qualification Form. It is critical that the correct dates are confirmed because this will be reflected in your student record. If your completion date goes past the end date reflected on your  student record by more than 4 weeks, you will be required to register for an extension course (EXTN 500) to complete your ABP and/or internship. Please note that additional fees will be charged for this extension. 

As a best practice, your ABP should start three weeks after commencing your Internship. These dates should be confirmed with your ABP Supervisor. 

If you have any questions about this registration, please contact the Graduate Programs Office in the Faculty of Management.

2018 Intake - ABP Handbook

Spring 2019 Intake - ABP Handbook

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