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Innovative Leisure Practices Vol. 4

Cases as conduits between theory and practice.

VIU WLCE is pleased to release the 4th volume of the Innovative Leisure Practices - Cases as conduits between theory and practice. The 2020 volume contains five case studies profiling innovative practices including:

Leisure Education for youth with a lived experience of mental illness, development of the FRESH [Fun Recreation Exercise and Skills for Health] program for a Youth Cohort in Western Sydney, Australia (Manali Hiteshkumar Shah, Stewart Alford, and Dafna Merom
Kink as a Form of Leisure: Kinky Events and the People who Love Them (Craig Webster and Stanislav
Measuring Community Engagement: A Case Study of Livingston (Calgary, Alberta) (Dwayne P. Sheehan
and Diala F. Ammar)
Raising the Curtain: At the Intersection of Education, Art, Health Care and Lived Experience of Dementia
(Ania Landy and Colleen Reid)
Improving Communities Through Innovative Financing: A Case Study of the Baileys Trail System
(Danny Twilley, Dawn McCarthy and Seth Brown)

The intention, with the release of this volume, is to share examples of unique and innovative practices in leisure and to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and discussion around these varied examples. The cases presented in the 2020 edition of Innovative Leisure Practices are varied in nature, and represent a diverse range of relevant interests, communities and practices.

WLCE Case Volume 4

Editor: Tom Delamere, Ph.D.

Reviewers: Dr. Garrett Stone, Dr. Amanda Johnson, Dr. Patrick Brouder, and Dr. Janet McKeown.

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