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MA SLM 602—Innovation Movie: Innovations in Wine Industry

 Video by: David Woodward
SLM 602 – Case Studies in Sustainability
Instructor: Professor Joanne Schroeder
November 2015
The Earth’s freshwater supply, which makes all life on the planet possible, is not an infinite resource. A number of factors are impacting how much water is consumed nourish growing populations, and as a resource for agriculture. Today, over 663 million people live without safe drinking water, and as the world population continues to grow, it is estimated that by 2025 five billion people will be living in countries experiencing water shortages. In addition, as populations continue to grow, food demand is also expected to grow by as much as 70% by 2050. In turn, 70% of the fresh water supply is used to grow agricultural crops. In addition to growing population, climate change also impacts water supply in many parts of the world, with many places experiencing severe drought. Two regions experiencing these impacts are California and Australia. Another industry that is being directly affected by water shortage and climate change is the wine industry, where water shortage in these regions has impacted whole crops. In response to such events, the wine industry adopted a variety of innovations to conserve water usage, including drip method watering and rain harvesting. These methods will help to ensure longer term sustainability in viticulture in the future.

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