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MA SLM 602-Innovation Movie: Youth, Technology, and Sustainability

Video by: Lan Le Diem Tran & Charles Zhang
SLM 602 – Case Studies in Sustainability
Instructor: Professor Joanne Schroeder
November 2015

Youth and Technology: the Future of Sustainability
With youths under the age of 25 accounting for almost half of the world population, they are the future. A sustainable future is one in which these soon-to-be decision-makers are armed with the knowledge, skills, and an attitude that render them capable of solving many wicked problems. Unfortunately, as hot a buzzword as "sustainability", most youths are still kept in the dark when it comes to this topic. The principal reason is the complexity of the way as well as the language in which such related information is delivered.

Fortunately, youths are also known for their abilities in adapting new technologies. Given the powerful influence of social media and technology, different initiatives can be used to appeal to the younger generation. Young people do care about the environment and are willing to protect their planet. Thus, as long as new technologies are developed with youths in mind, more knowledge can be delivered and more engagement can be stimulated, all for the future of planet Earth.

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