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World VIUPoints Speaker Series Review: Aurelia Kogler

On October 28th, 2016, the World Leisure Centre of Excellence held their second World VIUPoints Speaker Series event of the year, hosting Professor Aurelia Kogler from the University of Applied Science and Technology in Chur, Switzerland.  Her public presentation: ”Back to Integrity – The Revival of Traditional Values”.
Driven largely by world events over the past 20 years, a sense of lost trust in modern society and systems is driving a movement towards things that are more simple and familiar. Aurelia Kogler proposed that society’s cultural values of “bigger, faster, better” was being replaced by a new cultural value focussing on “small, slow, less”, and a desire to get back to our roots.
Given this trend, Dr. Kogler discussed the implications for a variety of industries.  She concluded her presentation with an open discussion regarding the implications for the tourism industry, her area of expertise.  Inviting the audience to think critically and creatively about “what is luxury?” today, drove home the point that “Back to Integrity – The Revival of Traditional Values’’ is creating new opportunities in the tourism industry for those offering experiences that match people’s new values.

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