Graduate Diploma in International Trade

The Graduate Diploma in International Trade (GDIT) is a 12 month program that positions students to 

understand the primary management principles applicable to the practice of international business and trade. Graduates from the program will demonstrate the ability to apply the principles of international business to a wide range of theoretical and applied situations enabling students to engage in international import/export activities.

Through this program, VIU is a Platinum Accredited Partner institution with FITT. This means that students are eligible to pursue the Certified International Trade Professional designation (CITP) upon completion of the GDIT with VIU. GDIT students also have access to all 6 FITTskills eBooks (during the coursework at VIU) and access to write one Professional Examination or two of the FITTskills assessments (two online exams or two project assessments).

The GDIT program is available for students with a previous graduate or undergraduate degree in business. Students with a non-business degree can apply to the Graduate Certificate in Business Management (GCIB) to gain the foundation in business knowledge before applying to the GDIT. 

Admission for this program is on a competitive basis.

Further Credentials obtainable through Accreditation

VIU is an accredited institution designated by the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) as a Platinum Accredited Partner. VIU students in the Graduate Diploma in International Trade (GDIT) program have a direct link to FITT and the full range of global trade credentials such as the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP®|FIBP®) designation.

FITT Certificate and Diploma in International Trade

When students successfully complete the GDIT program at VIU and submit the required assessment(s) to FITT, not only will they receive credentials from VIU, but they’ll also automatically receive the FITT Certificate in International Trade for completing the equivalency of 3 FITTskills courses, and the FITT Diploma in International Trade for completing the equivalency of all 6 FITTskills courses.

Once graduated from VIU’s GDIT program, students will have achieved all six educational credits through transferring of credits from VIU as a FITT Platinum Accredited Partner towards the FITT Diploma.

Independently, graduates will then be required to complete two FITT course project assessments.

The two project assessments may derive from any of three course projects taken in International Marketing, International Market Entry Strategies, or Global Trade - Context and Feasibility, as long as the project does not have more than two authors.

Certified International Trade Professional (CITP®|FIBP®) Designation

Completion of the GDIT program offer students advanced standing towards earning the widely recognized Certified International Trade Professional (CITP®|FIBP®) designation. This professional designation is endorsed by the World Trade Centers Association and the Canadian government and is trademarked as FIBP® (FITT International Business Professional) in Europe and the US. This enables students and working professionals to qualify for a broad scope of international opportunities.

Graduates applying for the CITP®FIBP® designation, must also first independently complete a minimum of 12 months of professional experience in a position where the majority of the responsibilities relate to international trade.

Once the educational and work experience requirements for the CITP®|FIBP® designation are met, graduates must independently prepare their CITP®|FIBP® application. The application is submitted along with a detailed and up-to-date CV and contact information for two individuals who can attest to the graduate’s global business experience, such as clients, colleagues or supervisors.

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