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Our faculty and students are involved in research and other forms of professional activity that strengthen the links between teaching, the business context in which we operate, and the application and activation of learning.

One of the major focuses of the research and project work that is done in the Faculty of Management is that of knowledge mobilization - not only helping to make sure that the work that is done in academia is made available to those in our communities who can benefit most from it, but to ensure that communication channels are open and symmetical, thus blurring the boundaries between the producers and consumers of knowledge and making the work that we do here both relevant and deeply embedded in the local, regional, national and international communities we serve.

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The Fraud and Ethics Research and Education Centre - Under Review

Vancouver Island University's Fraud and Ethics Research and Education Centre is a multi-disciplinary occupational fraud and ethics research centre whose stakeholders are individuals, managers, professional associations, and public and private organizations wishing to manage fraud risks effectively while promoting an ethical culture; and forensic investigators, accountants, lawyers, law enforcement and others pursuing increased knowledge of fraud prevention, detection, and resolution

The Fraud and Ethics Research and Education Centre’s mission is to:

  • Explore topical commercial and occupational fraud and ethics questions of concern to our stakeholders
  • Complete applied primary and secondary research into fraud and ethics issues
  • Share research results, best practices, and other information with our stakeholders through
    • Seminars
    • Courses
    • Workshops
    • Conference Presentations
    • Publications
    • Consultation services