Business Administration (Undergraduate)

As the province continues to shift toward a knowledge-based economy, growth in the small and medium enterprise sector is expected to remain significant, as is growth in the service and financial services sectors. The mix of skills and knowledge relevant to the economy has changed and post-secondary education is quickly becoming a prerequisite for employment. 

Vancouver Island University’s Faculty of Management offers a comprehensive selection of courses in the fields of Business and Economics to provide graduates with the credentials and skills required for success in the growth sectors. 

We offer programs for both full and part-time students.

Whether you are a full or part-time student the Faculty of Management’s aim is to:

  • enhance student learning through a wide variety of methods, including opportunities for internships and foreign exchanges,

  • develop competencies for the pursuit of further academic work and success in the world of business,

  • foster an understanding of global situations and influences and an appreciation of the values and perspectives of other cultures and societies.

For information on student achievement in Business Programs, see the BC Student Outcomes Stats Dashboard


Put your plans for a career in business into action with the valuable knowledge and skills gained from Vancouver Island University’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. Through innovative instruction and real-world research projects, students are challenged to think creatively and adapt easily to an ever-changing global environment to give them the tools necessary to become leaders in their field.