Frequently Asked Questions

There are two situations in which registration through directed studies is required.

Internship/Senior Project

The student is registering in a senior level course that allows pursuit of a specific research interest with mentoring from a faculty member (eg. Mgmt 491/499).  

Extraordinary Situations

A student needs a particular course in order to graduate and that course is either full or will not be offered again between now and graduation time.  It is the student’s responsibility to find an appropriate faculty member to participate in this form of directed study.


There is insufficient demand for a regular section of a course yet it is needed by a small group of students. In this case, up to five students will work through course materials independently and the instructor will arrange a schedule to meet with the students to guide them through the learning outcomes.  

Directed Studies form is required and must be approved by the participating faculty member, the Department Chair and the Dean (Building 250, Room 418).  A curriculum plan, which is to include the method(s) of assessment, must also be presented.  Students may download and print the form from the Registration Website. Once approved by the Dean, a course section number will be added to the form and it is then the Student's responsibility to deliver the form to Registration.

During 2nd year, students must meet with the BBA Advisor regarding their choice of 3rd and 4th year Major.  It should be noted that while first year is common to all concentrations, variations in course requirements begin in the fall semester of second year.  Refer to the BBA Matrix for details and additional information.

The BBA Advisor is responsible for entering the chosen concentration onto the student’s academic record but will only do so if substantially all of the 1st and 2nd year requirements have been met.  Without the proper coding students will not meet course reserve requirements and will be waitlisted.  The BBA Advisor is located on the 4th floor of building 250.

You may self-book an appointment with the BBA advisor online in the Work-Integrated Learning portal.

Yes, but the student must meet all of the specific requirements of each major, plus have a minimum of 18 non-business elective credits.

Yes, BBA students can add a minor to their BBA degree. Students should speak with the BBA Advisor as soon as possible to discuss their options.


A course which must be taken (successfully) in advance of the subject course.


A course which is taken at the same time as the subject course. It may also be taken before the subject course, but not after. 

Only under exceptional circumstances will either a prerequisite or a co-requisite be waived and approval must be obtained from the Department Chair. Students not meeting pre- or co-requisite requirements will be deregistered.

Yes, if there is room available, the student meets course prerequisites and a request for a Late Course Registration is completed by the student and approved by the faculty member. 

The Request for Late Course registration form is available in print from the Registration Office or from the Business Programs Office, Building 250, Room 406.