Certificate in Business Management (CBM)

ACBSP Accredited

The Certificate in Business Management is offered as a 30 credit full- or part-time program. It is an excellent option for individuals in the workforce who wish to improve their management skills and develop themselves professionally. Every semester a number of courses are offered with seats reserved for CBM students. It is designed as a program that will give students a strong introduction the the key areas of business practice. Areas of study will include introductory economics, finance, management, marketing, and accounting. Students may enter the program in September and January subject to course availability.

Career Opportunities

Students will receive a well-rounded business education that will provide them with the the skills they need to earn entry-level roles in virtually any industry. Students may expect employment in a variety of careers including assistant retail managers, administrative assistants, accounting assistants, entry-level office managers, and clerks.

Because this program provides an overview of the entire business cycle, it is also very valuable to entrepreneurs and those who are already self-employed. Individuals who are interested in professional development and who are already working in a business environment may also benefit from this program as they gain skills that allow them to participate in additional aspects of the business cycle.

Bachelor of Business Administration Transfers

Credits earned in the Certificate of Business Management program are fully transferrable to VIU's Bachelor of Business Administration program. The courses that students take in the CBM program form the foundation for the BBA program; therefore, if students wish to continue on to the BBA program, they will have already completed the majority of their first year BBA courses. For more information, students are encouraged to speak with the BBA Advisor.


For more information on the program outline, required courses, and admission requirements, please see the CBM Program in the VIU Program and Course calendar.

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