BBA Management Major

The Management major is offered as a specialization for the Bachelor of Business Administration program and will prepare students for a career in management.

Why Management?

Management is universal. All types, levels, and sizes of organizations around the world require managerial competence. Students will develop skills in planning, leading, organizing, and controlling work activities to create an efficient and effective organization. Students will learn how to set goals and plan how to achieve them, determine tasks, motivate and communicate with others, and set targets to ensure organizational goals are met. The courses focus on how managers resolve the behavioural and organizational problems found in the workplace.

The Management major has an outstanding teaching team. Our faculty members all hold graduate degrees, come from a variety of backgrounds, and have industry experience. They are student-oriented, approachable, and passionate about their subject area.

Career Opportunities

Careers in Management are extremely diverse. Consultants, Supervisors, Managers, Department Heads, Regional Executives, Vice Presidents, Country Managers, Chief Operating Officers, CEOs,  and so on are but a few titles that reflect the diversity of roles within organizations. The Management Major provides a broad perspective that allows graduates the opportunity to move across functional lines within organizations to assume these roles.  It may be that your career evolves from your first role as the Client Retention Supervisor followed by Talent Development Manager, to the Lead Consultant on Organizational Effectiveness.  You may, however, choose to be an Entrepreneur where Managerial competence will be essential to securing your future success.  The Management Major supports diverse and evolving career opportunities.


For more information, contact Dr. Patricia Brown, Chair of Management and Law, at or the BBA Advisor.

For more information on the BBA entry requirement, or for details on the Management major, please see the BBA Program and Course Calendar.

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