Advising and Student Support

BBA Advisor

The BBA Advisor, Andrea Martin, is located in Building 250, Room 446 and is available to meet with students from mid August to late June.  There is an appointment sign-up sheet located outside the advisor’s office. Students may also email to request an appointment time.

During 2nd year, BBA students must meet with the Advisor regarding their choice of 3rd and 4th year major.  It should be noted that while first year is common to all majors, variations in course requirements begin in the fall semester of second year.  The BBA Matrix details the courses in each year.

The Advisor is responsible for entering the chosen BBA major on to the student’s academic record but will only do so if substantially all of the 1st and 2nd year requirements have been met. 

Without the proper coding, students will not meet course reserve requirements and WILL BE WAITLISTED for upper level courses.



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