Advising and Student Support

Faculty of Management (FOM) Business Programs Advisor

Andrea Martin (she/her) is the Degree Advisor for the Bachelor of Business Administration, and the Program Advisor for the BBA embedded Business Administration Diploma, and the Certificate in Business Management Program.

General Advising Information About the BBA Program

While the first-year required courses are common to all BBA majors, variations in course requirements begin in the students' third and fourth semesters (based on 15 credits each semester). Please refer to the BBA Course Matrix for 2021-2022 which details the recommended courses that students need to take, and when we recommend students to take them in each academic year.

If you need more information about Registration, please call 250-740-6400 or visit VIU's Web Registration Tutorial.

Also see: Course Timetables.

Goal Coding - Declaring a BBA major

The BBA Degree Advisor is responsible for goal coding the student’s BBA majors or minors in the student’s academic record. BBA goal coding happens in October and March each academic year. If a BBA student is eligible, the Degree Advisor will invite them to sign up for a goal coding appointment before the goal coding period starts.

Who is eligible to declare their BBA Major:

  • Students must be registered as a BBA student. Students who are registered in other programs, such as the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science or EXPO, cannot be declared for a BBA major, no matter how many business courses they have taken.
  • Students must have completed all required first- and second-year courses for the BBA.
  • If students have only one required first or second-year course to complete after this semester, declaring their major now will depend on which remaining course it is.
  • If students have two or more required first or second-year courses left to complete after the current semester, they must wait until the next goal coding period to declare their major.

BBA student can add a BBA minor when they have successfully completed (or are currently enrolled that semester) in all first and second year required courses for that minor.

Keep in mind that BBA students, who are not yet eligible to be goal coded for a major, can still take third and fourth-year business courses, assuming they have met the prerequisites for those courses. However, such students will not have access to the reserved seats for a major and they are more likely to end up on waitlists.

Who is eligible to declare a BBA Minor:

Students who wish to add a BBA minor to their Degree from another decanal area are eligible to do so once they have successfully completed all first and second-year business courses required for that BBA minor. For example, a Bachelor of Arts student who wishes to add a Minor in Marketing to their BA Degree must have successfully completed MARK 160 and MARK 260 (or be enrolled in MARK 260 in the current semester) to be eligible to declare that minor.

Students who wish to add a BBA minor to another degree should email the BBA Degree Advisor directly

Using VIU’s Goal Planning System (GPS)

It is recommended that students track their academic progress through the VIU’s GPS.

BBA students who have identified which major they hope to declare should open their GPS Audit (or create a new GPS Audit if applicable) to review how the courses they have already taken, and those in which they are currently enrolled, will fulfill the first and second-years’ requirements for that major. Students who aren’t sure if they are eligible to declare their major now are welcome to sign up for a BBA Business Programs Appointment to discuss their status.

Diploma and Certificate in Business Management students can also use the GPS to track their academic progress.

How to find your GPS

From your VIU Online Student Record (OSR), on the left-hand navigation bar click Academics/GPS (VIU’s Goal Planning System). From there, scroll down to where you are asked to launch the GPS program.

Once in your GPS

Once the GPS program opens, click on the white cloud on the top blue bar to update your student record. A bubble that reads, “Student Record has been Updated” will appear on the top right. Notably, you should update your GPS student record every time you access it. If you don't, things like recently applied grades or applied transfer credits, or changes to your enrolment may not appear accurately.

To review a goal

Click on the goal you want to review, then click Create Audit.

Other reasons to meet with your Business Programs Advisor

Besides goal coding, there are many reasons to speak with your Business Programs Advisor.

Do you have questions related to which BBA majors you can pursue, course options, elective requirements, or graduation requirements? Do you have questions about transfer credits, course registration, waitlists, or prerequisites?

Do you have questions about the MGMT 491 – Senior Project or the MGMT 499 – Business Internship? Here’s a link to more information about those two courses for which you would need to apply directly to the BBA Degree Advisor. Here’s more information:  MGMT 491 – Senior Project and MGMT 499 – Internship.

If you have questions related to the Business Programs, please email

If you wish to book an appointment click the book now @ appointlet button below to redirect you to set up a date and time for an appointment. Once your appointment has been accepted (usually within a day or so), you will receive a confirmation email with Zoom meeting details.