BBA Accounting Major

The Accounting major is offered as a specialization for the Bachelor of Business Administration program and will prepare students for a career in business with a specialization in accounting.

Why Accounting?

The Accounting major provides a solid theoretical understanding of the complexities of all aspects of accounting and includes the study of other issues such as finance, behavioral management, statistics, economics, and introductory marketing.

Our faculty all have, at a minimum, a professional accounting designation, and represent a variety of backgrounds. All are very student-oriented, approachable, and passionate about their subject area.

Career Opportunities

Accounting graduates have excellent job prospects after graduation, and have found work as Executives, Tax and Audit Professionals, Budget Managers, Controllers, Property Managers, Payroll Clerks, and Bookkeepers, as well as careers in general business management. Feedback from our graduates indicates that they find work in the field of their choice very easily after graduation. The job market remains strong and is not expected to slow down in the near future.


For more information, contact Jeremy Clegg, Accounting Chair, at or the BBA Advisor.

For more information of the BBA entry requirements, or for details on the Accounting major please see the BBA Program and Course Calendar.

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