Hui (Joy) Liu


Ph.D. (University of Ottawa, Canada)
M.A. (Nankai University, China)
B.S. (Tianjin University, China)
Teaching Area:  Economics
Areas of Special Interest:  Environmental and International Economics

Professional Experience

Academic Experience

University Professor
Faculty of Management, Vancouver Island University, Canada

Visiting Professor
Department of Economics, Universidad Castilla La Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain

Sessional Professor
Department of Economics, University of Ottawa, Canada

Teaching Assistant
University of Ottawa, Canada


"Efficient Unit Root Tests and Structural Change When the Initial Observation is Drawn From Its Unconditional Distribution", (with Gabriel Rodriguez), published in the Econometrics Journal, Vol 9, Issue 2, 225-251, July 2006.

"A Cointegration Analysis of Global Warming and Human Activities", (with Gabriel Rodriguez), published in Environmental Modeling and Software, Vol 20, 761-773, June 2005.

"Covariate Unit Root Tests with a Structural Change at an Unknown Point", presented in Unit Root and Cointegration Testing Conference, Faro, Portugal, September 2005.

"Investment Strategy, Regulation and the Stabilization of Fishery Population", working paper, Winter 2001.

"The Impacts of Environmental Policy on Innovations", working paper, Fall 2000.