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ATLAS Africa Conference 2015

ATLAS Africa Conference 2015 - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Tourism and Inclusive Growth in Developing Economies

The theme of the 9th ATLAS Africa conference focuses on the relation between tourism and inclusive growth. Although inclusive growth as a concept is increasingly discussed by academics, international agencies and politicians, linking inclusive growth explicitly to tourism is a relatively new development. Some of the key issues addressed by the concept of  inclusive growth are the inclusion of low and middle income groups in the workforce, the creation of productive employment, the promotion of equal opportunities and the reduction of the distribution of inequality as economic growth continues. Although inclusive growth is centered on economic growth, mechanisms driving inclusive growth are not primarily economic, but social, environmental and political as well.

During the 9th ATLAS Africa conference the relation between tourism and inclusive growth will be discussed.  Experts from a variety of disciplines are expected to bring to light theoretical frameworks about the pivotal role of African tourism and its relation with inclusive growth. These experts are to deliver to the conference their full scientific papers, abstracts or extended abstracts, and communications on a range of themes but not restricted to:

  *   Tourism and rural economy and infrastructure
  *   Tourism and gender
  *   Tourism and well-being
  *   Tourism and health
  *   Entrepreneurship in tourism
  *   Tourism and processes of inclusion and exclusion
  *   Tourism and empowerment
  *   Pro-poor growth versus inclusive growth
  *   Tourism linkages and leakages
  *   Tourism and productive employment
  *   Innovations for inclusive growth
  *   Tourism and marginalization
  *   Tourism policies and inclusive development
  *   Public-private partnership for inclusive development
  *   From community based tourism to inclusive tourism
  *   Tourism training and education
  *   The political economy of inclusive growth

Please submit your abstract before February 1st 2015.
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