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Dr. Aggie Weighill is looking into how the pandemic affected Recreation Programming in the Yukon

This two-phase research project aims to develop a more resilient, post-pandemic model of recreation delivery.

How people view the role and importance of physical activity in the well-being and social togetherness of their community is a question that Vancouver Island University (VIU) Recreation and Tourism Professor Dr. Aggie Weighill is looking to answer as part of a new research project in the Yukon.

The project, a partnership between the World Leisure Centre of Excellence (WLCE) at VIU and the Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon (RPAY), is comprised of two phases: a resident survey which runs until October 31, and a meeting with recreation practitioners in the territory. The research team includes the WLCE's Joanne Schroeder and Dr. Suzanne de la Barre.

“What RPAY is trying to do is develop a more resilient, active recreation model and look at ways to promote particular activities that people were able to continue doing despite health restrictions,” says Weighill.

And while RPAY itself doesn’t deliver recreation programs directly, it works to empower others to adopt active healthy lifestyles by supporting recreation providers throughout the territory and looking at territory-wide programming.

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