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Interviewing the Next Innovation Infusion Speaker: Professor Armin Brysch

The World Leisure Centre of Excellence was honored to have this opportunity to conduct a short interview with Professor Armin Brysch, a visiting scholar who will give a presentation on Innovation and New Technologies in Tourism on next Thursday, October 15, 2015 for the centre’s Innovation Infusion Series. 

After his completion of International Marketing Management at Dublin City University, Professor Brysch finished his academic studies at Trier University with a German "Diplom-Kaufmann", which is similar to MBA degree. Currently as a professor at Kempten University in Germany with 20 years of international management experience, 5 years of academic teaching experience and core competencies at marketing, service excellence, HRM and destination management, Professor Brysch shared his impressions of Canada and VIU, his current research, his career passion, and his personal perception of leisure.

“Impressive” was the first word popped up his mind when he came to Canada to experience the “fantastic weather” on Vancouver Island, as well as the “very friendly, very helpful, very supportive” colleges from VIU. At VIU, he has also got support for conducting his current research, which is about the perceptions of students and expectations of their first organization that they will work with after graduation. Under the fact that most young employees nowadays are from Generation Y, he pointed out a better understanding of Generation Ys’ attitudes, behaviors and values is needed for creating practical educational programs in schools and for attracting competent young employees in the workplace. 

As working in the service industry for more than 20 years in different positions, Professor Brysch has been dedicated in promoting Germany as a destination for tourism and leisure. He was glad to witness the shifts of perception among people towards Germany, from formerly a country known for its high-quality and high-tech industrial products, to a vibrant modern country where well-known conferences and events are held, where fashion and creativity are mixed with a rich history, and where unspoiled nature is appreciated by increasing number of international tourists. “Germany has a big variety from outdoor-related or nature-based tourism activities, to urban living, urban lifestyle, modern architecture and arts: everybody will find nice places to discover, to see, to explore,” said Professor Brysch.

“I prefer leisure activities that are outdoor-oriented,” responded by the professor when asked what types of leisure he enjoyed: “I’m a big fan of biking.” Although a new-comer to VIU, he’s already been actively engaged in the activities on campus. “Yesterday (October 6) I had the chance to participate in the Rec program at the gym. I did the sea-kayaking course, and it was fantastic,” he replied, with a smile on his face. For Professor Brysch, leisure is “very important” in his life in ways that, it gives him “the chance to relax, to be inspired by nature, to meet friends and family, and to enjoy yourself”. 

Additional Note:
Throughout the entire interview, not only was he passionate about introducing the best of Germany, but he expressed with great enthusiasm of inviting Canadian students to the Kempten University at which he is teaching. For more information about the university, please visit the following website; for more information about Professor Brysch’s bio and his upcoming Innovation Infusion presentation, please check out the WLCE website in the following days. 

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