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MA SLM 602 - Innovation Movie: Active Transportation in Nanaimo, BC

Video by: Hugh Weir and Jeff Wahl
SLM 602 – Case studies in Sustainability 
Instructor: Dr. Nicole L.Vaugeois
November 2014

Active Transportation, Nanaimo BC

This video focuses on the issue of active transportation in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Active transportation involves a variety of activities powered by human-energy including, but not limited to: walking, running, riding a bicycle, skateboarding, and rollerblading (Public Health Agency of Canada, 2014).  While active forms of transportation carry social, environmental and economic benefits such as promoting individual physical activity, reducing traffic congestion, and cost saving on gas and transportation – they also require a great deal of planning and infrastructure on the municipal level. The City of Nanaimo Transportation Master Plan has done much to identify and provide answers to many of the local issues associated with active transportation and walkability. However, some local active lifestyle community groups believe more needs to be done to both enable and encourage active forms of transportation (Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition, 2014b). The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition is a local not-for-profit community group committed to advocating on behalf of existing cyclists, attracting and educating new cyclists, educating the next generation of road users, and organizing active community events. The Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition runs several innovative programs throughout the year to encourage local active forms of transportation including a bike/walk to work and school week; adult cycling courses; bike swap meets; and recreational community rides (Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition, 2014c). Bike to Work, and Bike/Walk to School Week is an annual multi-sector collaborative event hosted in part between the Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition, the City of Nanaimo, Vancouver Island University and other community partners aimed at raising awareness to the benefits of active transportation, rallying community support, increasing social interactions, and encouraging the next generation to get involved in active transportation (Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition, 2014a).
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