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MA SLM 602 - Innovation Movie: Hawaii Ocean Cleanup

Video by: Jiatan Wu and Harpreet Kaur
SLM 602 – Case studies in Sustainability 
Instructor: Dr. Nicole L.Vaugeois
November 2014
Hawaii Ocean Cleanup

Hawaii’s diverse natural scenery , abundance of public beaches and oceanic surroundings make it popular traveling destinations for tourists. Besides, oceans play an important role in every one’s life from the food in our plate , the drinkable water , the oxygen to the medicine curing diseases. The video called Hawaii Oceans Clean Up is made by Harpreet Kaur and Jiatan Wu (Ava). The major content of this Hawaii Oceans Clean up video is to introduce the audience about the Hawaii ocean pollution and the innovations taken to tackle this problem. Firstly, the video shows  several reasons why people today love  oceans and the importance of oceans sustainability. Secondly, the video describes the context of Hawaii, then identifies the pollution issues, including littering, plastic pollution and marine debris. Among those issues, the biggest one is plastic pollution (white pollution). Thirdly, the innovations are given to make the oceans in Hawaii more sustainable. The innovation that the video highlights is the marine debris cleanup activities held by Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii (a non profit organization) which was formed in February, 2011 by groups of ocean lovers. Finally, the video analyses the actors involved, and the lessons learned from these innovations. We can learn the importance and the substantial contribution of  nonprofit organizations through the efforts of protecting the ocean made by the Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, and how the community-based innovations play an essential and indispensable role in achieving ocean sustainability.  Overall, the purpose of this video is trying to give some useful measures about how to address Hawaii ocean waste pollution, and hopefully these measures can be used in other places.

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