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MA SLM 602--Innovation Movie: Sustainable Seafood

Video by: Michelle Harnett
SLM 602 – Case Studies in Sustainability 
Instructor: Professor Joanne Schroeder
November 2015

How sustainable is seafood? With global fishing fleets operating at 2.5 times sustainable levels, 90% of the world's fish stocks are now depleted. Destructive fishing methods kill millions of pound of bycatch everyday, and destroy marine ecosystems. Many fish farming practices are also unsustainable, and often involve inhumane living areas, overuse of antibiotics and chemicals, and negative environmental impacts. But there are solutions. Innovations in fishing gear have reduced bycatch and damage to marine ecosystems, and fisheries and fish farms are being certified according to internationally recognized standards. Information about where to find sustainable seafood is becoming available online and in apps, such as the Ocean Wise app by Vancouver Aquarium, and I look forward to using my education at Vancouver Island University to promote sustainable lifestyle choices.

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