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MA SLM 602—Innovation Movie: We Humans Need Biosphere!!...

Video by: Madhur Kanumuri and Manpreet Nijjar
SLM 602 – Case Studies in Sustainability
Instructor: Professor Joanne Schroeder
November 2015

Biosphere represents everything that lives on earth, it is the fruit of billions of years of evolution shaped by natural processes. Designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), biosphere reserves are seen as models for community based sustainable development. They are geographic areas that contain globally unique ecosystems and encourage communities to integrate biodiversity conservation with sustainable development. Biosphere really don't need people but people need biosphere to strive and survive. Humans have a huge impact on biosphere in both good and bad. Biospheres creates an opportunity for sustainable leisure activity and community wellbeing.  Innovative solutions by Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region (MABR) are done through digital storytelling, to share stories about the diverse people and their relationships to the landscape within the biosphere region. MABRRI also believes education is the most innovative solution which helps in connecting people with nature and help to achieve supportive environment. It is believed that effective environmental protection comes from something more than just recycling, turning off a light or donating to an organization. Protecting our biosphere is in our hands and it is the education that can help us act today. We believe by working together we can bring change.

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