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MA SLM Student Field Experience-Haina Wan

--By Haina Wan
Being a stylist in the MG fashion shopping organization -- an innovative online trading organization of Jiangxi China, has been an inspiring field experience. It is established by two newly graduated entrepreneurs who dedicated to bringing the local-produced fashion to thrive. We sell apparels, associate with other parties like cafes, pubs, and clubs to host events, and have the most amusing customer service. My job in MG is responsible for researching and collecting data of current fashion trend, based on the data, selecting local products which are suitable for the season and then exhibit to the customers; sharing green fashion articles on social media public pages and hosting clothing swap events to alleviate pollution and raise the public awareness.

Picture of “Fashion swap event”

The theory behind my field experience is strongly related to sustainable leisure management – supporting sustainable fashion in China, by trading local-products, hosting sustainability related events and norms of no sweatshop, no child labor, no environmental toxic products and no fast-fashion. As fast fashion has brainwashed most consumers to purchase cheap, massive production and poor quality clothes instead of fine designed and high quality clothes, it also created serious negative impacts which makes China one of the most polluted countries in the world; we advocates for “sustainable fashion replaces fast fashion”; values and appreciates local designers’ ideas and creativity, believes a unique design should not be “fast-fashioned”.

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