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Uncertain future? From Overtourism to Re-starting tourism

This session of the International Circumpolar Workshop will be held online on May 19th, from 8 am to 10 am PST. Registration is open!

Invitation to Participate: ZOOM International Circumpolar Workshop 
Uncertain future? From Overtourism to Re-starting tourism  -
The notion of overtourism captures the situation when tourism has grown out of proportion, either in terms of societal implications or natural impacts. It is the situation when tourism is not improving the quality of life for inhabitants but rather decreasing it and also when tourists are experiencing deteriorating service and a widening gap between what they pay for and what they get … With the current global halt of tourism due to COVID-19 the attention of researchers, policymakers and tourism entrepreneurs has swiftly moved away from overtourism towards the state of no-tourism and further how to re-start tourism in post-covid times. More info here
The (ZOOM) link to the online workshop for Wednesday, 19 of May at 8AM to 10AM (PST and 15:00-17:00 GMT) is
Pre-Registration and programme:
To view and listen to the videos and podcasts that will be uploaded by students and others involved in the programme: 
The video that introduces the central themes of this year´s workshop is already available. The videos and podcasts from the students of the field course field course Northern tourism in practice will be uploaded before Monday morning 17th.
The following questions will be the starting point for the group sessions during the workshop:   
  • What are the key issues for successful recovery/re-start of the tourism sector in your region? 
  • With regard to the current situation, what are the main challenges for sustainable and responsible development of the tourism sector in own region and for the (sub)Arctic region in general? 
Past reports from Years’ 1 and 2 of this same Nordic Council of Minister’s project can be accessed below:
Arctic Tourism in Times of Change: Dimensions of Urban Tourism: