Michael MacColl

Michael MacColl


BSc (University of Victoria)
MPA (University of Victoria)
PhD (MIR and MBA equivalencies)(University of Toronto)
Teaching area: Strategy and International Business

Professional Experiences

Academic Experience

Faculty of Management, Vancouver Island University, Canada
Program Chair
Department of Business Administration, University College of the Fraser Valley

Visiting Professor
Business Administration, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Qingdao, China
Faculty of Business Administration, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby/Vancouver
Department of Economics, Takushoku University, Fukagawa, Japan

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Management; Faculty of Graduate Studies, San Francisco State University, School of Business, Brock University, Canada

Faculty of Administrative Studies, York University, Canada
Faculty of Management, University of Toronto
Economics; Public Administration, University of Victoria

Industrial Experience

CIDA Project - Linking for Success in Agriculture and Technology. Strategic Planning Conference - Hanoi Agricultural University, Vietnam.. (Pro Bono).
University College of the Fraser Valley, Library, Strategic Planning Workshops.

Brendan Wood, Tutsch and Partners Inc., Toronto
University of Toronto (to VP Administration)
Department of Mines and Petroleum Resources, Victoria (to Assistant Deputy Minister)

Department of Fisheries Marine Services, Pacific Biological Station, Nanaimo MacMillan Bloedel Industries Ltd. Nanaimo

Research Officer
Atlantic Groundfish Rehabilitation Program, Department of Fisheries and Marine Services, Ottawa
Crown Lands Inventory Project, Dunhill Development Corporation, Victoria, Canada

Wildlife and Fisheries Inventory Crews, Parks Branch, Ministry of Recreation and Tourism, Victoria/Bella Coola


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Campbell, D.W. and M.D. MacColl (1978) "Winter Feeding Habits of the Snowy Owl (Nyctea scandiaca) in the Victoria Area". Journal of Wildlife Management, January.

Memberships (professional and community)

Reviewer, Session Chair, Presenter. Administrative Sciences Association of Canada
Editorial Board. (past) Strategic Change Journal, Brighton, UK
Reviewer (past). Academy of Management, Western Academy of Management, Administrative Science Quarterly, Idaho Board of Education
Director (past), Abbotsford Symphony Society
Protection Island Cultural and Historical Society
Douglas Island Garden Society
Nanaimo Yacht Club
Economic Development Steering Committee, City of Nanaimo (2009)