Essential Connections

The Recreation and Tourism Association (RTA) is an active student club on campus. If you would like to ask questions about this Department at VIU, or the activities of the RTA, please e-mail the club secretary at:

Campus and Outdoor Recreation is an excellent place to connect with and meet new friends. Go to the weight room, play intramural sports, get outdoors on a very reasonably priced outdoor trip, attend a dance class, play in the poker tournament... you get the idea!

The department of Recreation and Tourism also provides student handbooks for both diploma and degree students. These handbooks are now available for pick up from Shelley Anne Gagda, Administrative Assistant. We encourage students to review the information in these files as they offer program, institutional, and community information and will help connect you with both the institution and the outside community. Pick them up from the Program Assistant in Building 250 Room 354.