Incoming Student FAQ's

If the following questions do not encompass your question, please contact a current student in the program at: Recreation and Tourism enquiries.

Yes, many of our students, for various reasons, choose to complete their studies part-time. It should be noted that core courses are offered in specific semesters (Fall/Spring) and electives are rotated every year.

Yes, we require that all of our students meet this requirement. Students who do meet this requirement can enroll in VIU's Adult Basic Education (ABE) program to upgrade. If a potential student does not hold a high school diploma but are 21 years of age or older, they can be admitted as a "mature student" and do not need to earn an adult dogwood credential, but must still present a transcript with Grade 12 English with a "C+" or better grade.

Applications for all our programs are accepted starting October 18.

Please note: Applications received after March 31 will be considered late and may not be reviewed by the department. Applications that are not complete (do not have all required paperwork) cannot be considered. Prospective students can apply online, in person, or by mail.

Entrance into the Tourism Management Degree program at year three, requires a diploma in either Recreation, Tourism, or relevant field. If you have successfully completed a diploma in Recreation or Tourism, you will be considered for admission to the third year of our program. If your diploma is from another field, please contact the degree advisor to discuss eligibility. Please note that if you did not complete an accounting course in your diploma, you will be required to take an introductory course in accounting as an elective in your first year at VIU to gain the pre-requite for TRMT 324, a required course in the program. You must also complete a minimum of 6 credits of English coursework.

VIU awards as much transfer credit as possible and it will be used primarily as elective credits. There is room for 3 electives in the first two years and 5 general electives in the last two year of the program. If you have questions about the transfer credit you have been awarded, please first consult the BC Transfer Guide. Then if you still have questions you can consult with an Educational Advisor in the Advising Center.