Student Resources

Faculty within the department are a key student resource! VIU is on the cutting edge of recreation and tourism education. The faculty team places student success as a key priority and retains a strong connection to alumni. Members of the faculty take teaching seriously and also engage students in their research work. Student research is a highly valued opportunity.

The faculty work together to engage students in applied experiences that connect their classroom learning to the real world. Students in the program are well known for their contributions to the region and are actively recruited to positions from a regional to international level.

Our faculty and staff have a strong interest in student success, not only as it relates to academic studies, but also as it relates to the fit between courses and professional preparation for practice in the field. Faculty are open, responsive and student-centered. Our graduates are the final measure of our program's effectiveness and you will find VIU's graduates working throughout the province, the nation and the world.

Do's and don't for meeting up with your professor: video or article.

Faculty conference worksheet (to help you formulate questions to ask in office hours with your professors):