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Case Studies in Sustainability: Insights from Students in the Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management Program

Continuing with tradition, the 2013 cohort of the Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management at Vancouver Island University embarked on a four-day journey in October, 2013 to discover the “real life” sustainability issues that exist in Powell River and along the Lower Sunshine Coast of British Columbia as a part of the course “SLM 602: Case Studies in Sustainability". Led by Dr. Nicole Vaugeois and visiting scholar, Dr. Katherine King, the class was encouraged to immerse themselves in the sustainability issues of Powell River and the communities along the Lower Sunshine Coast.

The purpose of the field class was to answer one question – What are the broader sustainability issues faced within the Sunshine Coast Region and what responses are being developed at the local level to address them? From this, the students explored a research question about an observed sustainability issue and then developed papers that respond to these issues. The resulting report is a compilation of a series of case studies on how organizations in the Sunshine Coast region of British Columbia are addressing complex sustainability issues. Each case also identifies potential examples from other parts of the world where similar issues are being addressed by stakeholders. Download the report here.

Additionally, student prepared commentaries on their case study experience. Over the next few weeks, beginning this week, blog posts will appear every Wednesday about the students' experiences, the sustainability issue they focused on and existing, innovative solutions from around the world that are tackling similar issues.

Keep an eye out for these!