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Internships at World Leisure Organization


VIU WLCE students travel to Europe to take Internships at WLO office in Bilbao, Spain and to visit WLCE Breda in the Netherlands

Internship opportunities are part of the Educational Services offered by World Leisure Organization and its Network of Centers of Excellence. This year, two students from VIU WLCE traveled to Europe to work at WLO head office, located in the beautiful city of Bilbao, Spain. The Master student Patricia Verhage spent two weeks at WLO's office in May, and Vanessa Lugin Moraes, our Development Assistant, is currently in Bilbao, completing her three-week internship. 


Cristina Ortega - WLO Chief Operation Office, Patricia Verhage, and Sandra del Campo.

WLO Bilbao

The view from WLO office.

WLO is developing a stakeholder map to help expand global leisure networks. This map is a work in progress and will be evolving over the years. WLO has an existing database of organizations that they already work with, and Patricia is researching different organizations at the United Nations that WLO should be involved, along with other important national and/or global leisure organizations to add to their database. WLO wants to strengthen their connections with other international NGOs, furthering socio-economic and environmental development of communities around the world. After building the database, a visual stakeholder map will be created. Patricia is also involved with developing a survey for these key stakeholders, in order to understand how to grow and strengthen these connections globally. This will help WLO expand its visibility and the impact of its work. 

Vanessa is involved in a variety of activities. In her first day at the office, she joined two meetings regarding the Educational Services. Vanessa is also reviewing the Call for New Centers of Excellence and researching funding opportunities to enable the development of activities such as Study Tours and Field Schools. 

In addition to their internship at the WLO office, both students were given the opportunity to visit WLCE at Breda University of Applied Sciences, in the Netherlands. The purpose of the visit is to learn more about the work they are developing there and thus strengthen the collaboration between VIU and Breda University. 


The student Patricia Verhage visiting Breda University of Applied Sciences.


Yvonne Klerks (Breda University), Ricardo Uvinha (University of Sao Paulo), Vanessa Moraes (VIU), and Celiane Borges (Breda University).

Opportunities such as these are available to WLCE VIU students who are willing to work in a multicultural environment, developing new skills, and enhancing their professional networking for future collaborations.

To learn more about the internship opportunities offered by WLO, please visit:

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